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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling

From our home office
in Fort Smith, Arkansas,
we support the sales
offices/warehouses that
stock Baldor products
worldwide, selling to
distributors and original
equipment manufacturers
in more than 70 countries.
Baldor products are
available from 50 sales
offices/warehouses in
North America and 26
offices serving
international markets.
These products are
produced at 26 plants
in the US, Canada, England,
Mexico and China.

Quality begins and ends with each person
at Baldor. We will continually improve
quality to provide our customers better
value (as determined by our customers)
than any of our competitors.

Customer satisfaction demands us to
assure that overall quality, and reliability
continually improves. Each employee is
personally responsible and is required to
take ownership of his or her work, job,
or service provided.

Our quality objective is to support
our goals and our quality system
in meeting the requirements of
customers by delivering
defect-free products and services
to them on-time. To do this we
must accept ownership of our
work and participate in activities
to continuously improve value.


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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling
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