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Project Report - E waste Recycling
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Cape Electric Private Limited was established in Nagercoil during 1996 which is the district headquarters of KanyaKumari. The name Cape comes from Cape Comerin. Kanyakumari is famed for its incomparable geographical location of its lands end of India where the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal get united is none other than Cape Comerin. Nagercoil and surrounding areas were established as one of the most potential sites for the development of Wind Electric Generators in India. The first Wind Electric Generators in this geographically beautiful area were installed during late 80’s and the beginning of 90’s

During initial years Cape Electric was one of the major supplier of reactive power compensation system for Wind Electric Generators (WEG). With quality solutions from Cape Electric several wind power generation companies were able to reduce the reactive power imported from the grid mainly because of the induction generator of the WEG. Later Cape Electric transferred its business as a supplier of Quality products and components for WEG. For the past 15 years Cape Electric supplies various high quality components to Wind Power Industry. Easy availability of materials from various warehouses in Chennai, Nagercoil and Coimbatore ensures fast deliveries of the goods and hence Cape Electric is the most preferred supplier for various WEG manufacturers.
At present Cape Electric distributes various components for the green energy especially for WEG and Solar PV application such as. 

Switchgears and control products, Power factor improvement and filtering Capacitors, Metering Systems, Semiconductors, Fuses and Fuse Gears, Surge Protection devices, Cable Support and fixing systems, Cable glands, Junction boxes etc for the Wind Power Industry and Array JB’s, Combiner JB’s, String JB’s, AC / DC distribution boards as well as PV string monitoring and energy management systems for Solar PV market in India.

Cape Electric is also renowned all over India due to the distribution of various electrical components & systems manufactured by M/S OBO Bettermann GmbH & co, M/S Guntner Spelsberg GmbH & Co. Cape Electric is one of the pioneers in the Indian market who introduced low Voltage SPD’s.

In 2011 Cape Electric entered into distribution agreements with M/S Electronicon, one of the world renowned capacitor and reactive power compensation system manufacturer. Electronicon manufacture’s AC and DC capacitors since 1938 and presently the most famous German Manufacturer of LV and MV Power capacitors from 230 volts up to 12 KV. Electronicon also produces Detuning reactors, Power factor correction relays, switching components etc. Electronicon capacitors are well accepted in the WEG industry due to its high quality and 100 % made in Germany.

Cape Electric also distributes time switches, motion and presence sensors all over India. The Brand Theben is popular worldwide for its well accepted TIME switches since 1921. The company is head quartered near Stuttgart in Germany

In the manufacturing facility at Chennai, Cape Electric manufactures thermo plastic Distribution boards for outdoor application using Spelsberg modular enclosures. Over 50 employees in 2010, Cape Electric is ISO9001 since 2001.



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Project Report - E waste Recycling
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Project Report - E waste Recycling