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Project Report - E waste Recycling
Chokhavatia Associates
Project Report - E waste Recycling

·          CHARBHUJA is a company formed and registered in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai (former Bombay)

·          CHARBHUJA is a predominantly food company with some interests in non-food activities like building materials and cement as well.

·          CHARBHUJA focuses on niche businesses and always believes in first mover advantage. It is always open to investments in the food sector that promises tremendous potential in a vast country like India.

·          In the food business, CHARBHUJA runs three divisions. 1) Peanuts 2) Emulsifiers3) Specialty Fats

·          CHARBHUJA is on one of the largest shippers of Indian Peanuts world wide. Indian peanuts known for its sweet taste and texture are used in variety of applications like chocolates, food and confectionery. Also a popular table snack, nobody knows the Indian peanut, better than CHARBHUJA. Been looking at the Indian peanuts since 1997, we are now popularly know as the peanut company.

·          In food emulsifiers, CHARBHUJA is one of the first companies to start shipping Indian Soy Lecithin to EU consistently since 1996. CHARBHUJA now offers are large variety of lecithin specialties and natural emulsifiers and are a natural choice for Non GMO and IP Indian soy lecithin.

·          CHARBHUJA is the one of the main players in India for exotic and specialty fats. CHARBHUJA with the help from its customers has developed superior exotic fats used world wide for a number of chocolate and cosmetic applications. Totally natural and exotic, these butters or fats find a place with customers looking at niche products with superior quality.

·          In Oct 2005, CHARBHUJA invested in a new company CHARBBHUJA Gold Cement P Ltd to produce cement and allied products in the central and eastern markets of India.

·          In Nov 2006, CHARBHUJA invested in CHARBHUJA Infrastructure P Ltd formed to produce ecologically friendly green building blocks for customers looking for environmental friendly construction materials in western India.

·          In April 2007, CHARBBHUJA Gold Cement P Ltd commissions its new CEMENT plant in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh (Central-India). This company focuses on cement products in the central and eastern markets of India. Ideal for customers looking at cement and allied products and those who wish to jointly develop new futuristic products with cement as a main constituent.

·          In June 2007, CHARBHUJA enters into an agreement with a Spanish company to form a joint venture producing lecithin specialties and  forms LASENOR CHARBHUJA Foods P Ltd, Nagpur (Central India)

·          In Jan 2008, CHARBHUJA infrastructure commissions its factory in Thane, Mumbai (West India) and bags order from the largest construction companies in the Mumbai region. Perfectly suited for western companies who wish to introduce their new construction products in the Indian markets.

·          Oct 2009, CHARBHUJA commissions its finest peanut plant in Asia at Rajkot, Gujarat (West India) with decortications and grading under one roof.

·          January 2010, LASENOR CHARBHUJA foods p ltd commissions its new factory for lecithin specialties in Central India, a joint venture with a Barcelona based Spanish company.



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