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Aquaion Technology - Waste water treatment
Times Resource INDIA  Expo 2011 corner ad01

Water is getting scarce. Industrialization and construction have led to a many fold increase in the disposal of industrial waste and toxic materials in the drainage and the sewage. This waste material is causing serious damage to the ecology and natural water resource. Hence preserving the nature, for sage and healthier tomorrow has become the need of the hour.

Many innovative methods of reusing water have floored now and are the most effective way of meeting today’s water scarcity and the pollution control boards norms. It makes sense to treat sewage water and reuse it for secondary applications like flushing of toilets, irrigation, cooling towers and ground recharge etc.

DOWAC Systems and Projects India Pvt Ltd is a master firm in setting up of sewage and effluent treatment plant with a commitment on quality and service to the needy customers. Due to the vast experience in wastewater management field, we also offer consultancy design and state of the art STP and ETP’s with updated technologies
DOWAC Systems and Projects Pvt Ltd is an ISO9001-2000 certified company. We operate in the field of water treatment, wastewater treatment and solid waste management. At DOWAC, we strive towards sustaining our ecosystem by integrating the state of the art technology and traditional know how. The company has completed more than 500 tailor made projects in India and abroad, each one with its unique identity, and satisfied clientele line up.

The company was awarded the prestigious ISO 9001-2000 for commitment in design, project planning, execution, installation, commissioning and maintenance of sewage treatment, effluent treatment and water treatment.

Our Growth
Our growth has been constant and gradual. 1996 was when we started functioning as a small-scale enterprise. Within a short span the firm spread its operation through out the country and during 2002, grew to a private limited company as DOWAC Systems and Project India Pvt Ltd. In 2005, the company acquired its trademark registration as DOWAC and ISO Certification.

Turnkey Projects and Consultancy
We undertake projects in turnkey mode as per the requirements of each customer with assured quality, economy and time management. In addition to this, we provide consultancy in Rapid Environment Impact Assessment (REIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP). The company will be entering Turnkey projects execution beyond water treatment field.

Our Objectives
Being an Indian, we are concerned about the current water problem and hence with our committed approach towards improving the eco friendly system, we have developed many plants for wastewater treatment, solid waste management and related fields. DOWAC aims at the best. We have very unique products and systems to cater to the need of an individual clientele need.


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Aquaion Technology - Waste water treatment
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