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Project Report - E waste Recycling

Established in 2007, Earth Products India Pvt. Ltd (EPI) is a fast growing company for providing total solution of advanced testing instruments in India. As a subsidiary of Earth Products China Limited (EPC), the leader of advanced testing instrument provider in China, Macau and Hong Kong, EPI has successfully gain authorized distributorship from over 50 suppliers including PDI, Cooper, Roctest, NCAT, US Radar, NEC-Avio, Impact-echo, JRC Radar and more. Besides, experts from China & overseas travel to India frequently to share their knowledge with our honorable customer by providing technical seminar and training. Providing wide variety quality products and professional service, EPI can offer total solution and one-stop service to our customer which suits their needs and benefits to their corporations and the society.


  • Nika Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Indair
  • Sujana Energy Limited.
  • Wasser Chemicals and Systems
  • ERM India Pvt. Ltd.
Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling
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Project Report - E waste Recycling