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Global warming and the greenhouse effect is making the Earth hotter, causing more drastic shift in weather patterns around the world. A warmer Earth will lead to changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea level, and a wide range of impacts on plants, wildlife, and humans. Rapid deforestation and increased industrialization is multiplying the green house effect. The natural greenhouse effect made the earth warm enough for life, but the effect is much higher now. The recent increase in atmospheric CO2 is 200 times as great as any previous change seen. This increase caused earth's average atmospheric temperature to go up about 1 degree F in the 20th century. Saving the forest and green cover will help reverse the effect.

'ECOBOARD' is a 100% woodfree tough alternative to conventional particle boards, plywood and other panel products. In keeping with our commitment towards a Greener Earth, Ecoboard Industries Ltd. bring you a Revolutionary Concept in Design and Decor.

'ECOBOARD' is a versatile all purpose Particle board. Its homogeneous processing and usage of fibre-reinforcement system with 11% resin content ensures a much higher bonding strength which is as good as natural wood. Ecoboard Industries Ltd., in colaboration with nature, is in the pursuit of converting the planet into a good earth obviating the side effects of industrial revolution.

To prevent the environment from damage, Ecoboard Industries Limited brings the state-of-the-art technology, to treat effluent and turn it into a useful non-conventional energy resource. Established in 1986 by like-minded promoters who have been associated with the cause of environmental control, Ecoboard Industries Limited, today is in the forefront to provide consultancy and supply of efficient effluent treatment systems on turnkey basis.


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