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Aquaion Technology - Waste water treatment
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Global warming and energy crisis are two significant challenges facing the world today. Not only are they inter-linked, but their negative impact is accelerating even as you read this. The choice we have is clear: develop sustainable energy or ignore the dire consequences that will come with an unimaginable cost.Ecolibrium Energy aims to tackle both by developing, constructing and operating renewable energy projects of outstanding quality and value; and by designing the environments we live and work in, to be energy efficient and genuinely sustainable.Ecolibrium Energy is an integrated Sustainable Energy Solutions Provider (SESP) with a vision to contribute to clean energy generation by focusing on renewable energy including advanced bio fuels, solar, and other forms of renewable and eco-friendly forms of energy.We are focused on distributed renewable energy generation solutions to commercial and industrial customers, as well as public organizations. We not only aim to develop and implement solutions through our clean technologies, but also to assist organizations worldwide in their quest to become more sustainable and profitable at the same time through carbon markets.


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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling
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