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Filter On India Pvt. Ltd. has been dedicated to the enhancement of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) since 1983. Filter On has developed most sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology for filtration and elimination of indoor pollutants like mist, dust, smoke, fumes, microbes, etc. to ensure environment-friendly, healthy and wholesome surroundings. Filter On adopts a holistic approach towards the customer's problem and comes out with the perfect solution after a careful study,research and development. Filter On solutions are most effective as well as affordable with the advanced technoloy of Electrostatic Precipitation. Filter On is all the time striving for product development and refinement for improved solutions. Withmore than 1000 installations all over India, today Filter On can rightly claim market leadership.

With our expertise in application engineering & emphasis on R&D, we can supply ESP filteration systems that would certainly prove a value addition to your present arrangements and assure  enhanced air quality & substantial savings. Filter On technology is also capable of adapting & bettering itself for newer applications as per specific customer requirements.


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  • Amazon Envirotech Pvt Ltd
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  • ERM India Pvt. Ltd.
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