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Project Report - E waste Recycling
Nanubhai Mavjibhai Patel - Category
Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling

Water on the move is the motor of life in nature. It is also the driving force behind every civilisation - in the jungle, in the desert and for millions of people in cities around the world. Wherever water needs to be supplied or disposed of, KSB is on hand. Our ultra-modern pump and valve technology and comprehensive service get things moving. KSB products transport much more than just water.

They will get more or less any liquid to where you want it. Efficiently, economically and reliably. In applications that range from building services to industrial processes, water engineering, mining and energy technology. KSB pumps and valves provide and distribute water to private, public and industrial buildings. They solve heating and air-conditioning problems. Chemical, petrochemical and many other companies use them to transport aggressive, corrosive, explosive, solids-laden and viscous liquids. KSB products deal with industrial and municipal waste water. And they stand up to every temperature and pressure that power generation can throw at them. Wherever these products are in use, they ensure that processes run smoothly and economically - and that stay that way.

KSB is a market leader around the globe. 13,300 employees know that success comes from more than just pumps and valves. Satisfying customers means keeping in close touch with them. It means offering them top-class packages, value for money, comprehensive care, regional service centres, and all the back-up they want. Wherever our cutomers are, we're there to help.


  • Rakiro Biotech Systems Pvt. Ltd
  • Mc Clelland Engineers Pvt. Ltd
  • ERA Hydro - Biotech Energy Private Ltd
  • Superior Products International, Inc
  • VAG-Valves (India) Private Limited
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Nanubhai Mavjibhai Patel - Category
Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling