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Objective of EnvironXchange.com is to attract potential manufacturers or end users of technology or anybody who is taking initiative to make this world a better place by taking care of environment, the Environxchange.com platform allow people to market them selves as manufacturers / users / service provider or as people who have made a difference by adopting better processes to share with others The EnvironXchange.com will 1. Allow user to market it self2. Optimize according to their profile to make it more search able.3. Educate and engage potential customers about products and services4. Increase online penetration by driving customers to main website.5. For every paid registration EnvironXchange.com PLANTS A TREE and gives away a freebies made from recycled material.The objective of EnvironXchange.com is to be a pioneer in Information related to Environment Sector, Waste Management and Recycling Industry in India.


  • Voith Turbo Private Limited
  • Pumps And Machinery Corporation
  • AM Ozonic Pvt. Ltd
  • Aquaion Technology Inc.
Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling
Rakiro biotech 1m
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