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Real Air Ventilator utilizes velocity energy of the natural wind to induce flow of air by centrifugal action. Spinning vanes of the Real Air Ventilator at the top, cause the centrifugal force which creates low pressure zone below forcing out the hot and polluted air through the turbine, resulting in fresh flow of external air which replaces the exhausted air area.

The natural air breeze will spin the turbine and the fly-wheel effect of the Real Air Ventilator will continuously rotate to maintain fresh air flow. This cyclic operation of the Real Air Ventilator will continuously provide cool and fresh air, that is essentially required in the premises. Due to our dedication and adoption of the international technologies in producing a range of world class equipments, we have acquired a dominating position in the industry.

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  • Amazon Envirotech Pvt Ltd
  • Green Infra Project Pvt Ltd
  • Indair
  • Rockwell Automation India Pvt Ltd
  • A & N Technologies
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