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Aquaion Technology - Waste water treatment
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The SunChaser is Indian-produced, marketed, patented and 5 year warrantied. Hot-dipped galvanized, windload certified by Case Western Reserve University Structural Engineering Department to 160kmh, land space requirements starting at 5.95 acres per mw, Seasonal tilt and tracking session schedule customized by latitude and Sunflower Solutions proprietary software.

* 8 seconds calibration 2x daily 
- 2 staff for 3 hrs. late morning session
- 1 staff for 6 hrs. dusk to dawn session
* 4 minutes seasonal calibration 4x annually
* 3 minutes grease gun lubrication 2x annually
* no maintenance contract required; no complex equipment dependent on specialized labor


  • Wasser Chemicals and Systems
  • Aquaion Technology Inc.
  • Voith Turbo Private Limited
  • Techno Aqua Tech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Grosvenor Pumps (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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Aquaion Technology - Waste water treatment
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