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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling
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Project Report - E waste Recycling

Activated Carbon Filter

Company Name : Aquaion Technology Inc.

The primer treated effluent water contains dissolved and Undissolved impurities. Undissolved impurities can be removed suitable filtration plant but it cann’t remove dissolved organic/inorganic impurity i.e. color,odor,cod,bod etc.. which required to remove for particular level by activated carbon filtration column.

Activated carbon filters are made from mild still/FRP closed vessel incorporating frontal piping fitted with valves and are operated under pressure. The water is passed through the under bed media & granuler activated carbon layer. Where the carbon granule at certain level absorbs unwanted impurities for removal of free chlorine, phenol, taste and odor as well as reduction COD/BOD etc.

Carbon filter have back flushing arrangement, which very easily flushes away the deposited impurity at carbon granules. thus the reverse flow of water ,flushes away the impurities deposited at carbon granules..

Activated Carbon Filter, for removal of free chlorine, phenol, taste and odor as well as reduction COD/BOD.


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  • Voith Turbo Private Limited
  • Filter on (I)Pvt Ltd
  • ERM India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mc Clelland Engineers Pvt. Ltd
Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling
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