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Aquaion Technology - Waste water treatment
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Company Name : Aquaion Technology Inc.

The water naturally contains dissolved and Undissolved impurities. Undissolved impurities of water and precipitate sludge can be removed with the mostly popular and basic treatment of filtration. Various types of Aquaion filtration plants  are available for different type of impurities to be removed with different flow rate.

Aquaion filters are made from mild still/FRP closed vessel incorporating frontal piping fitted with valves and are operated under pressure. The water is passed through the filter from different grade of filter media, where unwanted impurities are left behind at the filter bed. Filter have back flushing arrangement, which very easily flushes away the deposited impurity at filter bed to cleans the filter bed, thus reverse flow of water flushes away the impurities deposited at filter bed.
Our various type of FILTRATION PLANT
Sand filter, for removal of suspended solids up to minimum level.
Multi Graded filter, for high velocity flow rates of reduced area of filtration, in depth filtration.
Activated Carbon Filter, for removal of free chlorine, phenol, taste and odor as well as reduction COD/BOD.   

Gravity Filter, for Housing & Hotels and municipal water supply.
Swimming pool Filter plant operated at high flow velocity for recirculation loops.-Cartridge Filter Up stream of RO plants, Fine sterile and final filters in treatment of ultra pure water.


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