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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling
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Renewable Services

Company Name : Be-Star Consulting Group

We provide consulting for compliance reports, low carbon buildings consultancy, project management, product supply, renewable energy installation and engineering, feasibility studies, seminars, education and awareness, environmental impact assessments, planning policy formulation and funding expertise on the following energy sectors.


Wind Services: Development of wind energy schemes, feasibility studies, wind farm site identification, environmental impact assessments, general planning services, community wind projects, consents and authorisations, wind monitoring, resource assessments and data analysis, small scale wind product supply.


Tidal Services: Development of Tidal Energy schemes, feasibility studies, Tidal-farm site identification, environmental impact assessments, general planning & simulation services, community tidal projects, consents and authorisations, tide monitoring & assessments and data analysis, Tidal Turbines and end-to-end plant installation and production role-out.

Biomass Services: Advice and consultancy, turnkey installation, biomass project management, boiler supply, contract energy services.

Solar Services: Consultancy, installation- commercial, domestic and public sector, wholesale solar product supply including solar panels for caravanning, domestic and commercial use, inverters, battery back up and solar components. We are also expertise in consulting for C.S.P systems and supply products for it.

Hydro services: Consultancy, construction and refurbishment, self- cleaning intake screen specification and supply, control and grid connection system specification and supply. Hydro electric turbine installation.

International services: Consultancy, solar product supply, in-country training, solar back up electricity systems, UNICEF-approved solar vaccine refrigeration, solar water pumping, solar generators, solar for telecommunications

Renewable Services

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Renewable Services


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