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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling

Thousands of systems having been designed, tested, and calibrated at Labsphere's 80,000 square foot facility in the United States in North Sutton, New Hampshire. Our diverse customer base and a solid understanding of their unique requirements have allowed our company to continue to evolve over the decades.

OUR CULTURE: Experience. Knowledge. Innovation.

Labsphere continues to be involved with the industry's leading organizations such as CORM, CIE, and ASTM. Innovation has lead to multiple patents including methods for testing LEDs on a wafer and UV transmittance, as well as the Photonics Spectra New Product of the Year Award for its Optical Grade Spectral on and for its Bi-spectral Fluorescence Colorimeter. Labsphere is proud to support the industry's future innovators through the prestigious SPIE DJ Lovell Scholarship.

OUR VISION: Emerging Markets. Emerging Technology.

Labsphere is poised to move with the world economy by maintaining a culture of innovation, applying its core knowledge to emerging markets and emerging technologies. Through our participation in standards development, a worldwide dealer network, OEM partnership programs, quality control systems, and technical innovation, Labsphere will continue to bring the latest photonics technologies to market.



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Project Report - E waste Recycling
Rakiro biotech 1m
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